About Jerhub

Jerhub specializes in the development of Flask web applications.

Why choose Flask? We can implement just about any kind of functionality needed for a given situation, because Flask is a web framework that when combined with the rest of the huge Python ecosystem gives us a powerful box of tools to choose from, without the need for any unnecessary bloat or fluff that some other frameworks tend to bundle. Applications built with Flask can be as tiny or as large as required, with a great deal of flexibility in terms of design choices. The versatility, portability, and ease of development make for an extremely solid choice overall.

The website you are currently visiting was built with Flask, and contains many examples of solving specific and common tasks in internet application development. As this site was being built, specific goals were set in terms of what types of functionality it should have.

For Example:

  • AutoBlog

    AutoBlog connects you to OpenAI's GPT models, allowing a seamless integration to your blog. Simply type your text prompt into the form, and AutoBlog will do the heavy lifting of authenticating with the OpenAI API, sending your prompt with sane default arguments, and saving the completion to the database. You can generate blog posts based on the prompts and completions, then edit the posts to make them your own. Many enhancements are planned such as image generation and dials for the completion options - stay tuned!

  • User sign-up

    Sign up users with a registration form, using Google's ReCaptcha.

  • Email Verification

    Email verification via AWS SES (Simple Email Service).

  • Contact Form

    Contact form to connect you with your audience.

  • Administration Panel

    Provides an administrator interface with standard admin conveniences such as viewing and editing user info and managing appointments and work, and Autoblog functionality.

  • Payment Processing

    Process online payments via Stripe. Automate sending confirmation receipts, and updating the database with necessary information.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Let customers schedule appoinments with fullcalendar js, wired up to allow them to click times on the calendar to pre-populate schedule forms, write necessary data to the db, and send appointment confirmation emails. Additionally, automates Zoom meeting link creation when appointments are booked.

  • Website Policies

    Termageddon policies integrated include privacy, cookies, TOS, and Disclaimer. Various parts of the world have constantly evolving laws regarding what must be declared, so for small businesses it is a solid choice to keep policies up to date and compliant.

  • And so much more!

    We can design anything you need - simply to schedule a FREE initial consultation and we'll discuss your requirements.

About Jerhub Consulting Services

We offer web application development consulting services for small businesses and individuals. We create custom Flask-based sites with integrations according to your specifications.